Mini Unicorn Ragdoll...

First thing's first... this is NOT my pattern... ALL of the amazing yummy almost joygasmic credit goes to Jillian at Spin a Yarn Crochet who dreamed it, made it and then shared it with the world for free. FREE!!! All of the ragdolls and patterns there are well worth your time if this is the sort of project that you enjoy.

Second, this is not an original pattern. This is an adjustment of the free pattern found at Spin a Yarn Crochet to make the unicorn miniature without changing yarn and/or hook sizes. While the original pattern is quite easy and takes almost no time to work up, this little guy is a little more challenging... just a warning. :D

Third thing of note here... cutting the stitches in 1/2 means the final project is 1/4 size... I am not making a mistake in my "measuring" it's a trick called maths... trust me.

exactly and only 1/2 of the original... see for yourself. LOL

so... the pattern adjustments. Jillian's pattern is perfect, simple and very clear. I am only providing you with my adjustments.

I am using Big Twist Yarn in Blush Pink and White and Fair Isle Liberty yarns in their Neon assortment, all worsted weight and a 3.5mm hook

Mini Unicorn Ragdoll (adapted from Ragdoll Unicorn Free Crochet Pattern)
this version is 1/2 (sometimes just less than 1/2) of whatever is written on the original pattern - when in doubt stop at the first 1/2 number that is odd or even like the one in the pattern

sc = single crochet
ch = chain
inc = sc increase, or work 2 sc in same stitch
dec = sc decrease
m/c and or mr = magic circle or magic ring (Jillian and I use different terms for the same thing)

Body (make 2)
Begin with chain 16 instead of 31 (15) through body
10 rows not 20
Neck is 6 wide, not 11
6 rows not 14
Head is 10 wide, not 20 so you chain 5 on row 16 and crochet back 10 on 17 to start the head
6 rows not 12

Here's where things get necessarily different.
Round 1: 4 sc in m/c and pull tight (work around the m/c string and cut off when closing horn
Rounds 2-3: crochet around in all stitches (work in the round)
Round 4: sc, inc, 2 sc
Round 5: squish tiny horn in half and crochet through first 2 stitches, second 2 stitches and then side stitch (3) this gives you a row that is single thickness which is much easier to sew into the head than if you leave it doubled thickness (you will sew in through round 5 leaving the doubled portion outside of the seam)

Ear (make 2)
Round 1: ch 4 and work back along the chain (3)
Round 2: sc in each stitch, ch 1 and turn (3)
Round 3: sc, inc, sc, ch 1 and turn (4)
Round 4: sc in each stitch, ch 1 and turn (4)
Round 5: sc, dec, sc, ch 1 and turn (3)
Round 6:  sc, dec and finish off, leave a long tail for sewing - work end through to bottom of ear using needle

Leg (make only 4, these are not doubled as in the original pattern)
Round 1: ch 10 and work back along the chain, ch 1 and turn (9)
Round 2: sc across the row, ch, sc in corner stitch again, sc ch and sc in 2nd corner then work your way back up the other side and finish off at the top (21 stitches)
this gives the leg the look of the bigger leg with a pretty crocheted border without the thickness of the original

Mane and Tail
I used MANY fewer pieces of yarn for the mane and tail.

Three each of Pink and Purple and 2 each of the other colors totalling 14 pieces of mane with only 1 strand in each stitch beginning from first sc past horn and ending on the neck.

1 of each color for tail, doubling Pink/Orange, Yellow/Green and Blue/Purple because this unicorn's butt is just so small.

Assembly is otherwise exactly the same... sc the front and back panel of the unicorn's body together as instructed in the original pattern, stopping in the same places to stitch in the parts and going along the front panel only in all the same places... this is quite a bit more fiddly in a small body than in the bigger one.

Jillian's incredible pattern is really fun and simple and I would say it's beginner level, if not a little challenging in some spots when sewing together... otherwise it's gorgeous and perfect. I did this so that I can make mini's for friends as gifts, not because I felt her project was lacking in some way.

I will note that smaller hooks and smaller yarns will make smaller products... you can make the original pattern quite tiny already by simply using sock yarn and a much smaller hook and do not need to adjust the original pattern at all. I did because my yarns are heavier and I wanted to make baby ones. Hers is really amazing just like it is. LOL

Just saying. :D

This is what Jillian's pattern makes all on its own... beautiful... :D


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